Check your prescriptions! A common drug used to control blood pressure and

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🇨🇦HEALTH CANADA RECALL ALERT🇨🇦 - Some drugs containing ❗️VALSARTAN ❗️are being recalled, because they may contain an impurity that could cause cancer if taken long term. Valsartan is a medicine used to treat high blood pressure, heart failure, or after heart attacks. - ✳️What to do:✳️ - ⛔️DO NOT STOP TAKING YOUR MEDICINE until directed by your doctor or pharmacist 1️⃣ Contact your pharmacist to find out if your lot number is affected 2️⃣ If affected, the pharmacist will make a recommendation to your doctor to substitute to an unaffected medicine . . #valsartan #recall #healthcanada #safety #drugs

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