Train Derailment In Harrisonburg

From WHSV: Police say that a little after 1 p.m., five Norfolk Southern rail cars carrying corn product derailed off the tracks around a curve just behind the Forbes Center near a railway bridge over Blacks Run.

It's not believed to be a significant hazard, but the train came to a stop with rail cars blocking roadways from Port Republic Road all the way to Grace Street in downtown Harrisonburg

The train is stopped and rests across several major roadways in Harrisonburg as of 2pm. Maryland Avenue is shut down, as is South Main Street, leading to traffic backups. JMU has also reported power outages at several buildings on campus. Harrisonburg's Community Activities Center is temporarily closed due to the power outage affecting the area. No details on injuries in connection with the incident are available at this time.

A train derailment in Harrisonburg is causing some traffic problems downtown. Information is available from TV 3 HERE

(Photo Credit: WHSV-TV3) 



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