A Life Less Ordinary - From The Wishing Well

A Life Less Ordinary - From The Wishing Well

A Life Less Ordinary - From The Wishing Well is a weekly program dealing with your travel needs from The Wishing Well in Harrisonburg. Listen...Read More


Travel Show: Time To Get Hip - On Luxury Travel!

This week on our Travel Show - A Life Less Ordinary from the Wishing Well in Harrisonburg, host Terrie Dean discusses the week's travel news including:

  • CDC is RECOMMENDING (not requiring) COVID tests before domestic travel
  • U.S. Airfare costs are now at a 7 year high - what does that mean for you and when should you book
  • While Airfare costs are risings, purchases of airfare are also rising - up 156%. People want to move!
  • Watchdogs are taking aim at airport food and beverage prices in NYC. Trying to conquer what they see as price gouging.

Host Terrie Dean spent most of the show discussing...Luxury Travel. What is a luxurious travel experience? Its defined differently by everyone. A young couple with children may have a very different definition than say a single traveler. Different demographic groups also have different definitions - from Millennials to Boomers, Gen X'ers and Z'ers are all shaping the conversation. Everyone's definition of luxury travel is changing and continues to evolve. Whatever that definition is for you - reach out to the Wishing Well to help make your travel dreams a reality.

The Wishing Well has these and more great ideas to help make the most out of your travel.

A Life Less Ordinary is powered by The Wishing Well in Harrisonburg, your full service luxury concierge travel agency.

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A Life Less Ordinary is heard Saturday's at 10am on NewsRadio WKCY - and find past episodes on the iHeartRadio App.

Listen to this week's episode below

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