A Life Less Ordinary - From The Wishing Well

A Life Less Ordinary - From The Wishing Well

A Life Less Ordinary - From The Wishing Well is a weekly program dealing with your travel needs from The Wishing Well in Harrisonburg. Listen...Read More


Travel Show: Is The Future Now?

This week on our Travel Show - A Life Less Ordinary from the Wishing Well in Harrisonburg, host Terrie Dean discusses the week's travel news including

  • Dropped or lessened COVID protocols in the U.K., Canada, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico.
  • Future travel through 2022. Cruise lines introducing new ships
  • The price of fuel may alter pricing
  • Ukraine invasion continues to swirl. Some travel changes due to this.

Host Terrie Dean spend most of the show discussing the rebirth of travel that looks to be coming in 2022 as COVID recedes. Many countries and territories announced protocol changes that signal the world's shift to living and traveling with COVID. If you are a cruise fan, the world's top cruise lines are introducing new ships this year. The Wishing Well has these and more great ideas if cruise travel is on your horizon.

A Life Less Ordinary is powered by The Wishing Well in Harrisonburg, your full service luxury concierge travel agency.

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A Life Less Ordinary is heard Saturday's at 10am on NewsRadio WKCY - and find past episodes on the iHeartRadio App. Listen to this week's episode below

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