Second U.S. Tourist Killed In Elephant Attack In Zambia

Elephant mock charging safari vehicle

Photo: Bobbushphoto / iStock / Getty Images

An American tourist was killed in an elephant attack while in Zambia. According to Zambian national broadcaster ZNBC, the woman, identified as 64-year-old Juliana Tourneau, was attacked by an elephant near the Maramba Cultural Bridge on Victoria Falls Road in Livingstone on Wednesday (June 19) evening.

Authorities said that a herd of elephants in the area brought traffic to a standstill. The vehicle Tourneau was in was parked on the street, waiting for the herd to pass, when one of the elephants attacked. It charged the car and knocked Tourneau out onto the road. It then continued to attack her, trampling her to death.

Officials did not say what caused the elephant to attack or why it chose Tourneau's vehicle.

It is the second time this year that an American was killed by an elephant in Zambia. In March, an American woman was killed when a massive bull elephant knocked their tour vehicle on its side.

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