WATCH: Bikini Barista Smashes Windshield After Man Throws Drinks At Her

Broken windscreen at black car in traffic accident

Photo: MartinLisner / iStock / Getty Images

The owner of a bikini barista stand in Seattle, Washington, took matters into her own hands after an angry customer threw two drinks in her face.

Emma Lee, owner of Taste of Heaven Espresso, told KCPQ that the man became angry when she told him that his 32-ounce coffee and 24-ounce water would cost $22.

The man refused to leave, holding up the line for roughly 15 minutes, screaming at Lee, and demanding to pay a lower price.

At one point, he got out of his car and continued to berate Lee. He then threw both of his drinks in her face before getting back in his car to drive away.

"It was a threat. After screaming, spitting, and trying to pry open the window, I felt in danger," Lee said.

Before the man could drive away, Lee grabbed a hammer and smashed his windshield.

"It was a threat," Lee said. "It's okay for him to be outraged about the price of his drinks, enough to assault me, but it's not appropriate for me to respond?"

The police were called, and Lee filed a complaint for misdemeanor assault against the man. She also banned him from her coffee stand.

Lee shared a video of the final moments of the altercation on Instagram.

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