On Monday's Mark Levin Show: Two important Supreme Court decisions came down Monday as Mark explains each one. One, regarding the Hobby Lobby case which ruled that small and family owned businesses shouldn't be required to cover contraception via Obamacare. Mark says that a company shouldn't be required to pay for abortions or contraceptives if it violates their religious belief. Mark also wonders why we are even covering contraceptives in the first place. The second decision, is the Harris vs. Quinn case where employees can't be required to contribute to unions. Mark says that the Supreme Court shouldn't even be deciding many of the cases it does, and that we should be worried if we have a Democrat President that can appoint leftists to the Courts in the future. Also, President Obama is trying to unilaterally push immigration reform and blame the problems at the southern border on the Republicans in Congress. Mark says this is what happens when you have chaos on the border and an immigration policy that refuses to deport those that break the law and come here illegally. Finally, Dan Stein, President of FAIR calls in and explains that Obama’s polices have created the chaos at the border and he won’t admit it.

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