On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about the changing landscape of the country and society and not for the better. He discusses Arthur Schlesinger Jr.'s views on assimilation and explains that our culture is mutating and being broken into class, racial and ethnic groups. The division and those coming here not wanting to assimilate into American culture are only hurting the country as the entitlement system will continue to cost more and American values and traditions become lost. We shouldn't change American society at the expense of national integration. Also, the Republican Party is just as much to blame as the Democrat Party for the southern border being open and their defending of the massive welfare state. Mark also plays audio from California Governor Jerry Brown which has essentially showed that California is a sanctuary state and that if you're an illegal alien, you’re welcome in California. Mark also brings up other examples of force being used - be it Ruby Ridge, or the Cliven Bundy Ranch and asks where was Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Eric Holder during those events?


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